Mostbet Partners - affiliate programme of bookmaker Mostbet

The Mostbet affiliate programme is a unique opportunity for everyone who wants to earn money from sports betting and online gambling. Just register in the Mostbet Partners programme, get a unique link and start sharing it. From every bet made on your recommendation, you will receive a percentage of profit.

Payouts of the Mosbet Partner Programme

How does the Mostbet Partners affiliate programme work?

The Mostbet Partners affiliate programme is a cooperation between the bookmaker Mostbet and webmasters, marketers or website owners interested in attracting new customers to the gaming platform. The aim of the programme is to attract new users through various channels such as websites, blogs, social networks and other online platforms, with the subsequent receipt of commissions for active players.

Mostbet Affiliate Programme

The basic principle of interaction between the affiliate and Mostbet programme is as follows:

Step 1: An affiliate registers in the programme and receives unique advertising materials such as banners, links and promo codes, which he places on his resources.

Step 2: Every time a new user follows an affiliate link and registers on the Mostbet platform, the affiliate will receive a reward.

The Mostbet Partners affiliate programme therefore provides a passive income opportunity for anyone who can effectively attract new audiences to the Mostbet website. Affiliates get access to analytics, support and marketing materials, allowing them to optimise their campaigns and maximise their earnings.


Who can become a bookmaker's partner?

The Mostbet Affiliate Programme is open to a wide range of members who have the opportunity to attract new customers to the Mostbet platform. Participation in the programme allows you to earn commissions by attracting users through various online channels.

You can become a partner of Mostbet:

  1. Webmasters and website owners are those who own or operate high traffic websites and can place Mostbet advertising material on them.
  2. Bloggers and YouTube channel owners – Influencers who run blogs or video channels that can promote Mostbet through content.
  3. Marketers and advertising specialists are professionals who deal with online advertising and can create effective advertising campaigns.
  4. Active social media users – people with a large number of followers on social media who can share affiliate links and promo codes.
  5. SEO specialists are search engine optimisation experts who are able to attract organic traffic to Mostbet’s website through optimised articles and content.

The Mostbet Partners affiliate programme offers a variety of opportunities for those who are ready to cooperate and attract new audience to the platform, receiving decent remuneration for this.

Registering a new partner

The registration process in the Mostbet affiliate programme is extremely simple and takes only a few minutes. First of all, you need to go to the official Mostbet Partners website and click on the “Register” button. Then you will need to fill in the form, specifying your e-mail, password and your contact details in Telegram and Skype. After submitting the form, the application is moderated and requires approval.


After successful registration and confirmation of the status of a new partner, you can log in to the Mostbet Partners personal cabinet. To do this, go to the affiliate programme website and click on the “Login” button. Enter your credentials (email and password) that you used during registration.

Traffic and statistics

Mostbet Partners accepts a variety of traffic types, which allows partners to utilise multiple channels to attract new customers. Here are the main types of traffic that are accepted:

  1. SEO traffic. Organic traffic from search engines.
  2. Social Media. Social media traffic.
  3. Email marketing. Attracting users through mailings.
  4. Banner Ads Advertising banners on various websites and platforms.
  5. Referral programmes. Traffic from partners participating in referral schemes.

Mostbet Partners is active in various countries. The programme is available:

  • Russia;
  • Ukraine;
  • Kazakhstan;
  • Turkey;
  • India;
  • Bangladesh;
  • Czech Republic;
  • Poland;
  • Pakistan;
  • Brazil;
  • Spain;
  • Italy;
  • Portugal;
  • Azerbaijan;
  • Uzbekistan and other countries in Europe and Asia.
Statistics in the Mostbet partner personal cabinet

The Mostbet partner’s personal cabinet provides a wide range of tools for analysing and optimising advertising campaigns. The following functions are available in the cabinet:

  1. Traffic reports. Detailed statistics on all types of traffic, including number of clicks, registrations and conversions.
  2. Financial Statistics. Information about earnings, payments and balance.
  3. Campaign analytics. Data on the effectiveness of individual advertising campaigns, allowing partners to optimise their efforts.
  4. Live statistics. Traffic and conversion data that is updated in real time.
  5. Segmentation tools. Ability to segment traffic by various parameters for more accurate analysis.
Promotional materials from Mostbet Partners

The Mostbet Partners Affiliate Programme provides everything you need to successfully attract and retain customers, providing partners with powerful tools to achieve the best results.

Promotional materials

Type of promotional material


Examples of use


Graphic advertising banners in a variety of sizes and designs.

Posting on websites, blogs, forums and social media.

Text links

Direct text links to registration or promotion pages.

Embedding in website content, articles and blog posts.


Ready-made landing pages for attracting and registering new users.

Use in mailing lists and social media.

Video footage

Promos and video ads to attract potential customers.

Posting on YouTube, social media and video hosting sites.

Email templates

Ready-made email newsletter templates with attractive offerers and calls to action.

Mailing to subscriber base, email marketing campaigns.

Promo codes

Special codes for bonuses and promotions to attract new users.

Dissemination through social media, forums and blogging platforms.

Push notifications

Notifications for mobile devices with attractive offers and promotions.

Sending via web and mobile apps.

These various promotional materials help Mostbet programme partners to effectively attract new audiences and increase revenue.

Payout models in the MostBet affiliate programme

The Mostbet Partners affiliate programme offers several main payment models for its affiliates. Each of these models has its own features and advantages. There are 2 main payment models in

Payouts of the Mosbet Partner Programme

Revenue Share (RevShare)

The affiliate receives a percentage of the revenue that Mostbet earns from the players it attracts. The range of interest rates is from 30 % to 60 %.

The affiliate’s income is calculated on the basis of net profit received from the bets of the attracted players. Net profit is defined as the difference between the players’ winnings and the amount of their bets less bonuses and other operating expenses.

CPA (Cost Per Acquisition)

The partner receives a fixed payment for each new player who fulfils certain conditions (e.g. registers and makes the first deposit).

Payment is made for each player who meets qualification criteria such as minimum deposit amount or number of bets. The amount may vary depending on geographical region and other factors. The maximum amount of income for each referred user can be up to $120.

Rules, prohibitions and responsibilities of partners

The basic terms and conditions of the programme help partners to effectively build audiences and earn rewards by making the process transparent and simple.


  • Registration in the affiliate programme is only available to adults (18+).
  • The Partner is obliged to provide accurate and complete information about himself/herself when registering.
  • All accounts are subject to mandatory verification, including document verification.

Promotional materials

  • Partners may only use promotional material provided or approved by Mostbet Partners.
  • It is forbidden to change advertising materials without prior agreement with the administration.

Traffic and traffic sources

  • Acceptable sources of traffic include: content sites, social networks, forums, blogs, email newsletters.
  • It is forbidden to attract traffic through spam, clickfrod, use of bots and other fraudulent methods.

Commissions and disbursements

  • Commissions are calculated based on the revenue generated from referred players.
  • Payments are made in accordance with the terms and conditions specified in the partnership agreement.
  • Affiliates are required to provide up-to-date data in a timely manner in order to receive payments.


  • Partners are obliged to keep secret any confidential information obtained within the framework of co-operation.
  • It is prohibited to transfer information to third parties without the prior consent of Mostbet Partners.

Prohibitions and restrictions ⛔

  • You may not register multiple affiliate accounts without authorisation.
  • It is forbidden to attract players from countries where gambling is illegal.
  • Co-operation with resources containing illegal content is prohibited.

Liability and sanctions

  • Affiliates are responsible for complying with all terms and conditions and rules of the affiliate programme.
  • Violation of the rules may result in suspension or termination of the affiliate agreement, as well as cancellation of commissions accrued.
  • Compliance with these rules and obligations is key to a successful and long-term partnership with Mostbet Partners.

Advantages of Mosbet affiliate programme

The Mostbet Partners affiliate programme has many advantages that make it attractive for webmasters and marketers. Here are the main ones:

  1. High commission rates. Affiliates can receive up to 60 % of income from the profit generated by referred players. This makes the programme one of the most profitable on the market.
  2. Stable payouts: Partners receive their earnings regularly and without delays. Payouts are made weekly.
  3. A variety of marketing tools. The Affiliate Programme provides a wide range of promotional materials, including banners, lendings, links and other advertising materials that help to effectively attract new users.
  4. 24/7 Support. Partners can count on 24/7 support from the Mostbet Partners team. Specialists are always ready to help with any questions and provide the necessary information.
  5. Transparent statistics and analytics. Detailed statistics are available in the Partner Cabinet, which allows you to track the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and analyse the results in real time.
  6. Global coverage. Mostbet operates in many markets, including the CIS, Europe, Asia and Latin America. This opens up many opportunities for partners operating in different regions.
  7. Flexible cooperation terms: The programme offers various cooperation models such as CPA, RevShare and hybrid schemes, which allows partners to choose the most suitable terms for their business.


The Mostbet affiliate programme allows webmasters and marketers to earn money by attracting new players to the company’s website.

In order to become an affiliate, you need to register on the Mostbet Partners website and receive a unique affiliate link.

Affiliates can choose between RevShare (revenue share) and CPA (flat fee per referred player).

The commission is calculated depending on the chosen reward model and the activity of the attracted players.

Payments are made on a weekly basis.

Affiliates have access to a variety of payment methods including bank transfers, e-wallets and cryptocurrencies.

The affiliate programme is available to users from Russia, in CIS countries (Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan), Asia and Latin America.

Affiliates get access to a variety of promotional materials including banners, lendings and promo codes.

Campaign results can be tracked via a personal account on the Mostbet Partners platform, where statistics and analytics are available.

Support is available via email and online chat on the Mostbet Partners website.

Partners can discuss changing the terms and conditions of the contract by contacting the programme manager.

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